No more hosts files

A simple tool for developers and designers to spend less time deploying sites and more time building them! Remove the headache of staging domains, forget about changing hosts files and easily show off your work in progress.

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How does it work?

Our servers generate a URL for you to access your staging site, on your development server, using the development server's IP address and the site's domain.

Any requests to this URL will be modified on the fly, to replace our URL with your site's domain, before being passed on to your development server meaning no more hosts files!

  • Benefits
  • No more editing your hosts file
  • Easily compare live and dev sites
  • No more website staging domains
  • Easily show projects to your clients


Plans for everyone from the new/hobbyist designer, to freelance developers and even large web development agencies.

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£0 / mo

  • 2 Links Included
  • Limited throughput/speed
  • Links Expire After 72 Hours
  • Random Link Prefix
  • Limited Support


£2.49 / mo

  • 10 Links Included
  • High throughput/speeds
  • Links Expire After 1 Month
  • Random Link Prefix
  • Email Support


£4.49 / mo

  • 50 Links Included
  • Unrestricted throughput/speeds
  • Links Expire After 1 Year
  • Custom Link Prefix
  • Priority Email Support